About Us

Here at The Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE), we aim to foster confidence in the country’s financial system. A strong monetary and financial system supports sustainable economic growth, which benefits the nation and its people.

Our strategic approach to achieving this focuses on three key mandates:

Promoting stability of the financial system

A stable financial system fosters investor confidence and boosts the UAE’s reputation internationally.

Our role is to regulate, govern and safeguard the financial stability of the system. We work directly with financial institutions to ensure that current and future risk is managed from a global, regional and domestic perspective.

We regularly publish reports on financial stability to inform financial institutions and the general public of our latest assessment.

We also implement systems to grow the private sector’s contribution to the economy and ensure its diversification across multiple industries.

Ensuring an efficient financial system

We aim to implement and foster efficiency in the nation’s financial system, with an infrastructure that supports efficient payment and settlement systems, protects savings and increases efficient credit intermediation.

To achieve this, we focus on:

  • Promoting innovation within the financial system, to achieve greater financial inclusion across the UAE and to facilitate healthy competition amongst financial institutions
  • Facilitating the adoption of modern, efficient financial technologies

This requires us constantly working towards maintaining a balance between the safety, innovation and competitiveness of the financial system.

Protecting UAE consumers

We are responsible for regulating consumer protection in the UAE and believe that consumer confidence and trust in the financial sector promotes stability within the economy. This is turn benefits financial institutions and economic spending.

We strongly believe that consumers have a right to full transparency and unbiased information about financial products and services. We aim to strengthen financial literacy skills across the UAE, as this empowers consumers with knowledge, skills and confident decision making.

Our History


H.E Khaled Mohamed Balama appointed Governor. The merge of Insurance Authority into the Central Bank pursuant to Decretal Federal Law No. (25) of 2020 The merge of Insurance Authority into the Central Bank pursuant to Decretal Federal Law No. (25) of 2020


H.E. Abdulhamid Saeed appointed Governor


Decretal Federal Law No. (14) of 2018 regarding the Central Bank & Organisation of Financial Institutions and Activities issued


H.E. Mubarak Rashed Al Mansoori appointed Governor


Regulatory Development Division was formed, Central Bank Publishes its first Financial Stability Report


Financial Stability Unit was formed


Formation of the National Anti-Money Laundering Committee


Anti-Money Laundering and Suspicious Case Unit (AMLSCU) was established


H.E. Sultan Bin Nasser Al Suwaidi appointed Governor


Formation of the Risk Bureau


The Union Law No (10) of 1980 saw the establishment of the Central Bank of the UAE as a public institution. The Law No (10) also augmented the functions of the Central Bank (previously assigned to the currency board) – H.E. Abdul Malik Yousef Al Hamar app


Establishment of the Banking Supervision Department


Establishment of the Research and Statistics Center


The ‘Currency Board’ was established, as per Union Law No. (2) of 1973. The Currency Board issued the national currency that replaced the Bahraini Dinar and the Qatari and Dubai Riyal currencies that were in use at the time with the UAE Dirham

What We Do

The Central Bank's official role includes:

  • Issuing currency
  • Maintaining the stability of the currency (and its free convertibility into foreign currencies)
  • Creating credit policies to achieve balanced growth of the national economy
  • The organisation, development and supervision of the UAE’s banking sector
  • Functioning as the official bank for the UAE Government
  • Offering monetary and financial advice to the UAE Government
  • Maintaining government reserves in gold and other currencies
  • Acting as the bank of banks
  • Acting as the financial agent of the UAE Government at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank and other international and regional financial institutions

Why Us?

It is an exciting time to be part of the Central Bank of the UAE. A career with us provides a fulfilling opportunity to be at the forefront of financial innovation and allows you to play an integral role in growing the country’s economy.

We proudly have a strong, dedicated and diverse team of professionals who play a critical role in building a world-class central bank, representing over 50 nationalities.

Each year, we continue to invest in our people and attract top local and global talent. One of our core values, Talent-Centric, ensures that we focus on the development of all employees and the creation of challenging and inspiring careers for them.



Establishing a proactive mindset that increases ownership, accountability, and innovation through empowering and enabling employees across all levels and facilitating effective decision making


Creating transparency and openness with the highest integrity across the organization through effective communication and collaboration


Building a caring talent centric organisation that rewards and recognises employees and emphasises their development