Senior Manager - IT Infrastructure

Information Technology -AUH

Key Accountabilities - To manage the daily operations and administration of all FIU’s systems and databases to enhance the FIU’s intelligence products. STRATEGIC - Participate in the strategy formulation exercise of the FIU. - Draft and maintain the sections’ policy, procedures and processes. - Communicate with the FIU’s strategic stakeholders to enrich FIU’s intelligence. OPERATIONAL - Participate in the development of Training Modules and its implementation. - Participate in the budgeting exercise to ensure all FIU’s meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars, systems and infrastructure are accounted for. - Manage, administer and support all FIU’s systems and databases. - Develop and enhance tools provided to FIU members to increase efficiency and quality of FIU’s members and products respectively. - Maintain and enhance the FIU’s Risk Based Methodology according to the National Risk Assessment and the emerging global risks. - Lead the implementation of the FIU’s action points in the Nation Action Plan from a technical and statistical perspective. - Liaise with CBUAE – ITD to support the development, maintenance and system troubleshooting for all FIU systems and databases. - Perform any other duties outside the scope as and when required. PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT - Guide and motivate colleagues to enhance performance and produce quality work, and ensure that they are continuously developed for higher-level roles. - Ensure that team members are acquainted with the changing situation and the developments of FIU and the UAE’s AML/CFT framework