Assistant Director - Credit Monitoring

Banking Supervision -AUH

Key Accountabilities: Credit analysis • Lead the implementation of a surveillance mechanism for the early identification of issues related to systemically large credits facilities affecting one or multiple banks in the UAE. Monitor the creditworthiness and the business activities of these borrowers. • Develop and manage a workforce that will closely monitor all lending relationships in UAE. • Contribute to improving credit-underwriting standards across the banking industry by (i) closely reviewing large facilities in a systematic way and (ii) identify weaknesses in banks’ credit underwriting and monitoring processes. • Lead the development a comprehensive understanding of the legal structure of large conglomerates in the UAE. Establish links between sub-entities in a proactive fashion. Ensure that the ultimate shareholders are identified. • Lead the monitoring the creditworthiness of UAE corporates by sectors. Perform sectoral and geographical analysis of credit performance. Perform benchmarks with other relevant geographies outside of the UAE. • Lead the collection of information from completed onsite examinations to conduct further offsite analysis and provide recommendations for corrective action/special examinations as appropriate. • Contribute to thematic reviews linked to the assessment of systemically important borrowers across banks. From time to time, contribute to baseline examinations, when needed. Co-ordinate will other departments such as FSD and CPD. • Consolidate the views of rating agencies about creditworthiness in the UAE. Risk Mitigation • Lead the development of appropriate supervisory and regulatory response mechanism to address inappropriate credit risk underwriting. Identified issues will be resolved • Coordinate with UAE banks proactively on large credits, to ensure that companies or individuals are not over leveraged; • Where possible, investigate commercial decisions involving banks/borrowers in particular in the context of restricting. Credit Data management and Tool development • Lead the implementation of a solution to compile credit related data received through supervisory systems, banks, public domain etc. and qualitative analysis from examiners into a borrower-based credit monitoring system/files. • Ensure access and understanding of large data repository systems such as the CBRB, AECB and IRR data regarding credits • Oversee the development of intelligent tools for processing and presenting focused analysis of borrower/group specific exposure at licensed financial institutions (LFIs), and for directing and enabling early warning signals on credit deterioration • Build an independent view of the creditworthiness of systemically large borrowers by developing financial models for future cash-flow projections. • Support BSD initiatives related to provision assessment, ECL benchmarking and the assessment of obligor ratings, PD and LGD. Reporting • Lead the production of periodic reports, which includes comprehensive analysis/assessments of the large credit exposures of LFIs at a borrower level as well as sectoral level, highlighting the potential risks. • Contribute to exceptional reporting requirements from Senior Committees, when need. Others • Contribute to regulatory developments for topics related to credit risk. • Proactively monitor regulatory development linked to credit risk in other relevant jurisdictions. • Act as subject matter expert on credit analysis. Contribute to training BSD staff including examiners. • Maintain up-to-date personal knowledge and understanding of lending practices, banking and financial laws and regulations along with relevant practices of international organizations, anticipate future developments of the sector and suggest improvements to existing regulations. • Perform any other duties outside the scope as and when required. Position Specifications : • Masters in Economic/Finance or professionally qualified, Qualified Accountants, CFA, CPAs, FRMs etc. with relevant experience. Experience: • 15- 20 years’ experience in credit banking experience with at least 10 years’ experience in credit analysis. • Ability to explain complex matters to a senior audience. • Ability to negotiate and discuss sensitive topics in a professional manner. • Working experience in the UAE, with appropriate familiarity with the UAE market and regulations. • Understanding of financial statements of corporates and financial institutions. • Proficiency with data analytics. • Skills in preparing analytical reports and presentations for decision-making Senior Management. • Experience in developing report and analysis. • Experience in understanding credit risk modelling, stress testing models and complicated credit structures. • Experience in creating dashboards for various types of products, institutions types, inherent risk types etc.